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HOMAG Employee Stories


Growing with HOMAG. HOMAG is a global operating group. The people who work with us just are as diverse as the customers and markets in various regions of the world. These examples show how many different career paths are available at HOMAG.

Possibility Taker

Ryan's story

In September 2015 at 19 years of age I came to HOMAG UK as part of the spare parts department. Instantly, I was captivated by the industry and after my first 8 months, I had the opportunity to join the showroom team which I saw as a huge possibility for me. I was instantly overwhelmed by the support from every single one of my peers. Within 6 months of training, I was able to run machines and train them unaided. During this time Simon Brooks continually monitored my progress and was giving constant feedback. After several discussions on how I could reach my best performance we decided to enroll me to a woodworking course at a local college where I achieved my level 1 and 2 in bench joinery. I’ve now been a part of the team just over 4 years and I am still learning new things daily! I love my job because it brings the best out of me, it takes me out of my comfort zone and forces me to strive for continuous improvements. I can’t thank the whole of the HOMAG UK team enough for the love and support they give to me on a daily basis.

World explorer

Andrea's story

Andrea El Shazli works at HOMAG in Service  on the further development of our processes worldwide. He applied for the Young Talent Intiative and joined HOMAG in 2018. About this time, Mr. El Shazli says, "I got the chance to get to know such a big company so deeply and so quickly in one year. I was able to travel to eight different countries and got to know many different cultures, gaining a lot of experience. In the process, I have grown not only professionally, but also personally." For Mr. El Shazli, HOMAG stands for "passion, the passion for innovation, the future and winning mindset".

Team spirit

Theresa's story

Theresa Brezing started at HOMAG in 2009 by attending a dual study program specializing in industrial engineering.  After her studies, she continued her development in the workshop planning. Subsequently, she implemented projects in strategic production planning. The management of various projects was her entry into a management career. Today, she leads the eight-strong "Industrial Engineering" team. Ms. Brezing is particularly fascinated by technology at HOMAG. Above all, she is fascinated by the fact that we offer our customers not only individual machines, but also complete solutions and the appropriate software. About her work, she says, "The most important thing is to inspire the employees from all areas and take them along with us, because only together as a team we can improve and consequently manufacture more efficient products."


Portrait from Chris Balzer, an employee from the HOMAG Group.
“At the HOMAG Group I was able to take on responsibility right away."

Chris' story

Chris Balzer works in an interface area that is of crucial importance for HOMAG Group products. In central purchasing, he is responsible for achieving target costs for newly developed products and manages a team of six. It's a demanding job - at the interface between suppliers, technicians and commercial staff. "At the HOMAG Group, I was able to take on responsibility right away," says Balzer. That's what he appreciates about the company. The mechanical engineer got to know the HOMAG Group during his dual study program, which combines theoretical and practical components. "I was looking for a multifaceted and coordinative task." The opportunity presented itself in strategic purchasing. "Here I have the opportunity to involve suppliers in the search for technical solutions and to play a supporting role in the development of a product."


Jochen's story

Jochen Wössner is responsible for on-site and remote service in the HOMAG Group's edge and surface technology business unit Life Cycle Services. This involves ensuring plant availability for our customers on a daily basis with our employees. The aim is to ensure uninterrupted and trouble-free production at the customer's plant. Mr. Wössner came to HOMAG as a former user. Previously, he worked for many years as a an engineer in the field of wood technology and industrial engineer in the furniture industry. Most recently as technical manager. For this reason, Mr. Wössner is keen to ensure that our customers are helped as quickly as possible. "Career development is handled very professionally at HOMAG," Mr. Wössner tells us. On the one hand, he is supported by his supervisor, who has developed him into his role through various tasks. On the other hand, he has enjoyed some training within the HOMAG Group.


Lars' story

Today, Mr. Kraushaar is responsible for the completion of products in the final assembly department and is the department head for the final products. His first contact with HOMAG was in 1994, when Mr. Kraushaar came as a temporary worker. When he was offered a job at HOMAG, he accepted and settled with his family in the local area. Speaking about his own development, Mr. Kraushaar says, "I built the foundation stone for my private life here. I started at HOMAG in 1994, I was taken on, my skills were recognized, and these were developed further. Today I am a specialist department manager in final assembly" That's a 20-year career at HOMAG. What impresses him about HOMAG: "HOMAG once started with 7 people. Today it's a global company with 6000 people and they all work hand in hand."

Short notice

Alexander's story

Sometimes things happen very quickly. In July 2016, his boss asked him if he wanted to manage the HOMAG Group's manufacturing plant in the USA. Two months later, Alexander Trinzen had the furniture packed into a moving container and bought a ticket to Michigan with his wife and two sons - without a return flight. Today, he leads a 50-strong team at the HOMAG Group's only production site in the USA. Two of the Group's machine models are produced and sold from here to the North American market - a total of 270 last year. Every day, he gains new experience. "I had to learn to think much more short-term than in Germany," he says. For example, employees in the U.S. like to change companies at short notice, which makes personnel planning more complex. Trinzen joined the HOMAG Group after completing his dual degree in production engineering in Lemgo. He worked as a technical administrator, managed strategic purchasing and was later responsible for supply chains. He enjoys working in Michigan, he can't imagine going back to Germany at the moment.


Daniel's story

Our Head of Global Commercial Sales Support is Daniel Kumek. He started his apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at HOMAG in 2000. After his apprenticeship, he completed a part-time course of study. Today, Mr. Kumek and his team support the sales department and relieve the account managers. The focus is also on process optimization so that the customer can be served in the best possible way. "I am motivated by the cooperation with colleagues, the opportunity to always inspire customers and to take another step forward every day," reports Mr. Kumek. In addition, the size of the company means that there are always opportunities to develop and change within the Group.


Mario's story

Mario Voßler works at HOMAG in Schopfloch where he works in technical support, a team in the service department. He started his apprenticeship as an electronics technician at HOMAG in 2008. After completing his apprenticeship, he worked in the throughput technology department as a service technician. Mr. Voßler completed in-service training to become a technician for automation technology. This was made possible by the offer of a 50% contract from HOMAG. Since successfully completing his technician training, Mr. Voßler has been working in the area of technical support for continuous technology, working 50% in the field and 50% in the office. When customers have a problem, they contact him and he fixes the problem as quickly as possible to reduce machine downtime. About the service department, Mr. Voßler says, "The team meshes like cogs. It's just great fun to work there! It fascinates me how the colleagues stand behind you and everyone helps each other."


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