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Kallesoe − Production site

Kallesoe − Solutions for the laminated wood industry


Kallesoe Machinery has over 50 years of expertise and experience in high-technological machines. We are dedicated to the task of developing advanced machines and production lines to wood manufacturers across the world and delivered about 500 presses and special machines since our foundation. We already expanded 14 times and currently employ about 100 employees at our company site in Lem/ Denmark.

Solutions for the laminated wood industry

At Kallesoe Machinery we stand for high-quality machines that maximize the use of wood thereby supporting initiatives to create more sustainable building materials in the future. Our radio frequency presses are the most advanced on the market thanks to their exceptionally high capacity and very short pressing times.

System solutions for quality end products

At Kallesoe we are specialized in developing press solutions for different types of laminated wood products like CLT (Cross-laminated timber), glulam, solid wood boards, multi-layer panels, scantlings, posts and beams. The laminated wood products that are made on our press lines are of the highest quality. In dialogue with our customers, we find the best solution for their production needs, so they can make laminated wood products in supreme quality.

Customized solutions

Regardless of the customer´s project being establishment of a new production line, an upgrade to an existing production, or extension of the current facility, Kallesoe Machinery is here to advise about the right system solution to secure the highest capacity, flexibility, and quality for our customers. 

Press lines

Our press lines equip our customers with the latest technology in laminated wood production. We offer solutions that are tailored to our customers’ needs and wishes and guarantee a high level of flexibility that is optimized for a just-in-time production, premium quality in end-products and long lifespan of equipment and machinery with update possibilities.


Our worldwide service ensures that the production of our customers is running optimally. Our skilled engineers can quickly and easily perform troubleshooting, maintenance, and optimization.

  • Kallesoe − CLT production
    Solutions for cross laminated timber production.
  • Kallesoe − CLT elements
    Production of cross laminated timber (CLT).
  • Kallesoe − Production of glulam
    Solutions for glued laminated timber production.
  • Kallesoe − Laminated wood production
    System solutions for laminated wood products
  • Kallesoe − Production of solid wood boards
    Solutions for the production of solid wood boards.

More about Kallesoe

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