Tips on How to Save Money -Carpool

There is one word that answers the question of how to save money. Carpool. Everybody is doing it nowadays, and it saves gas. If all of you and your roommates are going to the same place anyway, don’t take separate cabs going there. In the workplace, ask around if there is anyone coming from the same area as you. Who knows, there might be five or six of you all coming from one area, waiting on the same bus stop, or riding the same subway. It won’t do any harm for all of you to talk and agree on a time for pick-up and whose car will be used. Discuss the contribution fee that each will have to pay, monthly, or weekly. Carpooling has many advantages aside from the most important – saving money. Carpooling can also lessen traffic and may actually help all of you get to work earlier. Chip in on the same ride and save money.

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