Tips on How to Save Money – Say No to Food Cravings

One more tip on how to save money involves self-discipline. It’s simple. Say NO to food cravings. More than often, we find ourselves blowing our budget over that exquisite piece of steak or that very expensive luscious dessert. Budget your money for food and stick to the budget you made. In order to do this, make a grocery list and buy all your food for the week. Store your produce so you won’t have to drive to the grocers for more. Remember all your food should be in the list and covered by your food budget. However, it does not mean that you won’t eat what you want anymore. Just not every day. Allow yourself a pig out once a month. Eat all you can and everything you want. Or treat yourself to an expensive dinner or dessert once a month. So the next time you “”feel”” like eating something, don’t go out and get it right away. Go get something from the fridge and save money on the process.

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