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Rubens Room Designer

Design, plan and configure rooms online and finally order with ease

Rubens 3D & AR Product Configurator

Create exciting shopping experiences for your customers

WEINMANN Academy – Partner for training and qualification

The WEINMANN Academy is your partner for training and further education for your employees.

Window production with the CENTATEQ S-900 at Reicherter Fensterbau GmbH.

Reicherter Fensterbau GmbH is a family business. Founded in 1910, it is now in its 4th generation. Its product range includes windows, glazing, front doors, sunrooms and veranda roofs. Managing Director Jean Reicherter introduces the company and the work processes with the CENTATEQ S-900.

Window production with the CENTATEQ P-310 & CENTATEQ S-800 at Detjen Bau- und Möbeltischlerei GmbH

For over 75 years and now in its third generation, Detjen Bau- und Möbeltischlerei GmbH has been offering a wide range of services and experience. In addition to specialising in custom-made windows, doors and staircases, they offer integrated security, energy-saving measures, thermal insulation products and much more. Managing Director Marco Detjen introduces his company and reports on the work processes.

Window production with the CENTATEQ P-500 at the Seltz joinery

The Seltz joinery from Bliestorf, Germany was founded in 1967 and is a 4th generation family business. In addition to windows and front doors made of wood and wood-aluminium, the product portfolio also includes windows and doors made of plastic, interior doors, block frame elements, special elements (fire, smoke, panic and burglary protection) as well as stairs and interior fittings. Michael Selz reports on the advantages of the HOMAG CENTATEQ P-500 and provides an insight into the production process.

Window production with CENTATEQ P-500 at Biersack GmbH

Biersack GmbH from Lörrach is a family business in the 3rd generation. They are a joinery with glaziery and primarily active in window construction.

HOMAG CENTATEQ N-510 | Safety concept

Our nesting machines allow for machining and dividing of panel-shaped materials with waste reduction as a focus. We have developed a cleverly devised safety concept to ensure optimum interaction between man and machine.

HOMAG CENTATEQ N-510 | Door processing

Our nesting machines allow for machining and dividing of panel-shaped materials with waste reduction as a focus.

HOMAG CENTATEQ N-510 | Carcass furniture construction

HOMAG CENTATEQ N-510 | The new nesting generation

Our nesting machines allow for machining and dividing of panel-shaped materials with waste reduction as a focus.

HOMAG CENTATEQ P-310 | Window production with rounded arches

With the CENTATEQ P-310, you gain from its versatility and high performance. It easily masters panel and solid wood processing, e.g. for window production.

HOMAG CENTATEQ S-800 | Window production using minimal manual labor

The CENTATEQ S-800/S-900 series offers automated window production solutions – from entry-level machines to individual plant concepts for industrial multi-shift operation. With automated feed and removal, these solutions work independently.

HOMAG CENTATEQ P-510 | Window production with 3-stage clamps

The CENTATEQ P-510 is the right choice for demanding production requirements such as stairs, furniture, windows, doors and interior fittings.

HOMAG CENTATEQ N-510 + STORETEQ S-200 | Continuous production with high efficiency

Our nesting machines allow for machining and dividing of panel-shaped materials with waste reduction as a focus. As a single machine, or in combination with other machines, they can produce highly efficiently. Here the example with the STORETEQ S-200 surface bearing.

HOMAG CENTATEQ S-900 | Complete door processing

This series offers automated window production solutions – from entry-level machines to individual plant concepts for industrial multi-shift operation. With automated feed and removal, these solutions work independently.

HOMAG CENTATEQ N-510 | Staircase stringer processing

Our nesting machines allow for machining and dividing of panel-shaped materials with waste reduction as a focus. In addition to the classical nested based fields of application for the production of carcass furniture, or the dividing and finishing of furniture fronts, our solution allows for a staircase stringers to be processed without any problems.

CENTATEQ N-510 | Storage connection with angle transfer

The new Nesting concepts: Individual automation with 5-axis processing

DRILLTEQ D-510 CNC-Drilling and Dowel Inserting Machine

Whether as individual machine or complementary product in connection with a CNC processing center – the DRILLTEQ D-510 allows complete and precise processing in the edge area by the clever combination of drilling, doweling and routing.

HOMAG DRILLTEQ V-310 | Automatic material handling with FEEDBOT D-310

A CNC processing center with robot support forms one of the smallest possible cells of the furniture production.

DRILLTEQ D-510 | Drilling and dowelling at angles from 42° to 45°

In this model of DRILLTEQ D-510, the basic machine comes in a fixed configuration straight from the factory.

Speed packages I + II

Speed packages I + II to speed up the feeding of the SAWTEQ S-300/S-400

WEINMANN Treff 2023

Review WEINMANN Treff 2023

Packaging solution with 3-side sealing and automated insertion stations

The line reproduces the complete process of automated furniture packaging from folding of the cardboard box in FEFCO 0410 design, insertion of the workpieces and filling material to automatic closing, gluing and stacking of the boxes.

SOWADE Holzbau - from roofer to element supplier

By investing in an automated system, SOWADE Holzbau is taking the next step towards becoming a successful supplier of elements in timber construction.

Window production with the CENTATEQ P-500 at Peter Schröder GmbH

The Peter Schröder GmbH from Brande - Hörnerkirchen is a family business in the 2nd generation. They are a building and furniture joinery with a strong focus on window production. The CENTATEQ P-500 CNC processing center has expanded their customer base in the long term. The technically feasible solutions have increased and processes have been accelerated. Managing Director Ralf Schröder reports on the advantages of the machine and gives an insight into his company.

toleranceCheck: For dimensional and angular accuracy of parts on the panel saw

With the toleranceCheck, you can continuously ensure the individual dimensional and angular accuracy that you require of your parts — even with stress-prone material.

What happens when it's time for a new saw? | The Story of Hans

Cutting forward - with the SAWTEQ S-300 panel saw from HOMAG. With even more user comfort, precision and speed, the new saw from HOMAG accompanies "Hans" through his working day.

Single-axis feeder STORETEQ F-100 on a panel saw SAWTEQ S-200

Efficient, ergonomic, and gentle on material: The new HOMAG STORETEQ F-100 single-axis feeder

Entry into automation with the WALLTEQ M-300

The Braumandl carpentry company has made the move into automation and now works with the new WALLTEQ M-300 multifunction bridge, among other things.

HOMAG TENONTEQ D-600 profiLine

High-quality parquet production with a lot of flexibility


Double-End Tenoner for furniture and component production


The New Generation Of Molding Machine


Flexible HOMAG edge banding cell for the variable production of components – Batch size 1

Repair service Fast, simple and uncomplicated

Your machines are the heart of your production.

The Edge Data Package in use

The Edge Data Package in use at the Lechner joinery

On the path to industrial production

Producing more and more efficiently: SCHULER Consulting supports the Schütt company in production and process optimisation.

HOMAG on the way to LIGNA - Episode 4

In episode 4, Fabian visits our booth in Hanover, which is currently in the construction phase.

LIGNA 2023: The HOMAG Experience

Was this the best LIGNA ever? See for yourself...

quickTip – the assistant for optimal use of the machine functions

quickTip is a new assistance function integrated into the HOMAG saw control system for maximum quality, operating comfort and performance.

DRILLTEQ V-310 vertical CNC processing center

Room Door Processing

DRILLTEQ V-310 vertical CNC processing center

Clamex processing in the edge - Middle wall

DRILLTEQ V-310 vertical CNC processing center

Processing narrow part - drawer front piece

DRILLTEQ V-310 vertical CNC processing center

Processing cabinet door with pot hinge drilling

DRILLTEQ V-310 vertical CNC processing center

intelliGuide LED assistance system - Tool changer

DRILLTEQ V-310 vertical CNC processing center

LED assistance system intelliGuide – Workpiece positioning

DRILLTEQ V-310 Vertical CNC Processing Center

The space-saving miracle in CNC processing.

HOMAG on the way to LIGNA - Episode 3

Join Fabian Hornstein and learn how our machines get to the show in the first place.

Heinz Dürr Award 2022

Edge Data Package wins the Heinz Dürr Award in the Innovation category. Congratulations to the whole team for this great achievement!

HOMAG Newsflash

The LIGNA countdown is on

Edgebanding machine with workpiece return LOOPTEQ O-300

With the EDGETEQ S-380 you get exactly the edging result you were looking for!

HOMAG on the way to LIGNA - Episode 2

In this episode, our international HOMAG colleagues show how they are preparing for LIGNA!

HOMAG on the way to LIGNA - Episode 1

Fabian Hornstein has set out to meet people at HOMAG who are involved in LIGNA preparations

HOMAG Newsflash

Innovations at LIGNA 2023

Colourful, versatile and highly efficient!

US manufacturer "Creative Works" increases its productivity by more than 40 percent through cooperation with SCHULER Consulting.

Digital Value Stream Optimization at Burger Küchen

Full transparency about your value stream and intralogistics

The App-Plus Package

Free of charge with every new HOMAG machine

Powerful software duo

SmartWOP and woodWOP in interaction

"VALYOU" | HOMAG Service - Your added value

We believe that good service means providing assistance quickly, as well as being on hand to deliver expert advice. What's more, we like to work closely with our customers.

WEINMANN Treff 2022

On November 16 and 17, the annual WEINMANN Treff took place on our company premises in St.Johann-Lonsingen.

HOMAG Newsflash

Highlights from the HOMAG Treff

SmartWOP: Cabinet construction

Design your cabinet quickly and easily

SmartWOP – the smart way to design furniture

Clever, simple and fast

A software that inspires! ControllerMES in practice at Walter Bosch GmbH

Thanks to ControllerMES, things go even faster in work preparation and thus in production. Take a look!


Advanced woodworking solutions pay off with Jager and HOMAG

Automated element production in the Abbunzentrum Stamm

Element production at the Abbundzentrum Stamm with a WEINMANN three-table system.

intelliGuide – enabling saws to respond interactively to the operator

It becomes more intelligent with each stage of expansion: from intelliGuide Classic to Advanced, right through to Premium

woodStore 8 Keynote:

May 17, 2022 @

Keynote: World Premiere CNC Processing Center DRILLTEQ V-310

April, 26 1 - 1:30 p.m. at

How to capture production data digitally | Digital Value Stream Optimization | SCHULER Consulting

We digitise your value stream! Find out here how we do it.


Your solution for top trained employees

Automatic quality inspection with the MSQ (Measuring System Cutting Quality)

Experience the MSQ live on our SAWTEQ B-300/400 flexTec and SAWTEQ B-320 flexTec robotic saws. We will show you how to individually set your measuring strategy, limit values and edge sides to be measured and how the MSQ acts in production.

FRAMETEQ F-500 with feeding portal STORETEQ H-100

Production of a frame work with FRAMETEQ F-500 and feeding portal STORETEQ H-100.

smartPrefab – Industrial manufacturing of prefabricated houses

smartPrefab – Digitally networked systems for maximum efficiency

More efficency in furniture production | LIGNA.IN 2021

How can I produce more efficiently? Get to know two approaches from SCHULER Consulting here!

Permanently high cutting quality thanks to the innovative measuring system (MSQ)

Find out what is behind the abbreviation MSQ, how you can use it in your furniture production, and how it helps you to produce consistently at a high quality level.

Fast, clean change between EVA and PUR hot-melt glues

on HOMAG edge banding machines

Keynote woodWOP 8 CNC programming Software

Experience the latest generation of the woodWOP HOMAG CNC programming software, with its new memory format. Learn about all of the improvements and enhancements.

Material in motion – storage, digital assistance and other features

We have the total solution from feeding to stacking

Panel dividing saw SAWTEQ B-300

Immerse yourself in the world of cutting and get an overview of the appearance and functions of the SAWTEQ B-300 horizontal panel sizing saw.

Heinz Dürr Award 2020: Digital Value Stream Optimization

SCHULER Consulting wins in the category "innovation".

Generating production data automatically: B2C furniture manufacturer – HOMAG Software

Find out here why ControllerMES and HOMAGiX have become an indispensable part in the production of the German B2C manufcaturer

Panel Dividing Saw SAWTEQ B-200

Immerse yourself in the world of cutting and get an overview of the appearance and functions of the Panel Dividing Saw SAWTEQ B-200 horizontal panel sizing saw.

Edgebanding machine EDGETEQ T-200

The edgebanding machine EDGETEQ T-200 offer a flexible machine concept, enabling both shaped parts and straight parts to be processed.

Edgeband Management Set

How the edgeband assistant from HOMAG works

Automated prefabrication with WALLTEQ M-120

Carpenter Florian Wissel of Zimmerei Wissel GmbH gives insights into his company, where he works with machinery of WEINMANN.

Edgebanding Machine EDGETEQ T-100

The edgebanding machine EDGETEQ T-100 offer a flexible machine concept, enabling both shaped parts and straight parts to be processed.

Summary of Live.HOMAG and outlook for future events

Sales Talks! with Dr. Markus Vöge

Installation Cutting Assistant at the vertical saw

Start-up of the cutting production set at the carpentry d.b.holzdesign

Newsflash Live from Horb -

We have developed an online-event with Live.HOMAG that enables us to have personal exchange with you - through webinars, live demonstrations and individual discussions.

Planing and moulding machine MOULDTEQ M-300

Individual profile editing

HOMAG SAWTEQ B-130 – The panelsaw for the woodworkers

Does the SAWTEQ B-130 also fit in your workshop? We will show you the functions of our entry-level saw in detail, e.g. grooving, cutting to length and the entire cutting process.

Duravit brings life to every bathroom

Individual bathroom furniture industrially manufactured with HOMAG

Are you still destacking manually?

Do you currently need a lot of time for destacking and coordinating the material flow after the saw? With the saw SAWTEQ B-300 flexTec stacking becomes easier.

Panel dividing: Efficient prozess flow up until a fully automatic ghost shift

The saw SAWTEQ B-300 / B-400 flexTec is equipped with an integrated robot and are technically capable of fully automated batch size 1 production over longer distances.

Being faster

A key to success for Burger Küchen (Undertitle english)


The TeleService solution of the future

HOMAG Treff 2020


We are HOMAG

60 years of HOMAG – Machines and plants for the woodworking industry

All edgebands at a glance

The "miracle for edgebands" at the Löw Breidenbach carpentry

Label printing also on the manual saw

The Cutting Production Set at the Schmidt & Bauer joinery


The HOMAG Cutting Production Set

HOMAG Newsflash

News & Digital Events 2020

Mario Voßler about working at HOMAG

Daniel Kumek about working at HOMAG

Lars Kraushaar about working at HOMAG

Andrea El Shazli about working at HOMAG

Jochen Wössner about working at HOMAG

Theresa Brezing about working at HOMAG

Digitalization for carpenters and woodworking shops

Your entry into the world of digitalization - apps and digital assistants from HOMAG

Digital support in service

An indispensable tool for every machine operator. Fast, preventive and helpful.

#60 faces: TH Rosenheim

Erwin Friedl - Professor in the interior design course


Your central component for the digital workshop.


3D design and production for furniture and interior fitting

ServiceBoard App: Your direct line to the HOMAG Service Team

The ServiceBoard App allows a rapid identification of errors, direct connection to the HOMAG contact person, and a simple overview of all cases.

Edgebanding machine EDGETEQ S-500

Step-by-step: Emptying the application unit in the EDGETEQ S-500

CENTATEQ S-800|900 processing centers

Window production: The 3rd generation of the powerProfiler - dynamic, fast, precise and flexible

SCHULER Consulting - Design to cost

Transparent analysis of your product costs

SCHULER Consulting - Furniture production of the future

What do you think the future furniture production will look like? Let's discuss your very own targets.

SCHULER Consulting - Digitization of woodworking

Together with you, we develop the optimal and suitable strategy for your company.

Prefabrication with the WALLTEQ M-300 insuFill

Insights into the production at Terhalle Holzbau GmbH

Smart Factory

The way you produce will change. See here how the furniture production of the future could look like!

CNC Processing Center CENTATEQ E-310

Working on a CNC machine has never been so easy and convenient.

NEW! SAWTEQ B-300 flexTec – Robot handling for cutting process at "Schönefeldt"

Robot performance and operating freedom in one – Robotics is the key to highly efficient batch size 1 production in the cutting process. The crux of the matter is that cutting cells equipped with this up to now have been designed from A to Z for the requirements and processes in single-panel cutting. This makes them extremely efficient and highly productive, but limits the range of use of the saws.

HOMAG Finance - customer financing is so easy

HOMAG Finance - customer financing is so easy

Goldbach Kirchner operates one of the furniture industry’s most up-to-date Industry 4.0 plants.

Video: Goldbach Kirchner operates one of the furniture industry’s most up-to-date Industry 4.0 plants.

A Storage System for the Plastics Industry

Whach the video and experience how item automates its panel handling with the storage system STORETEQ S-500.

Robot technology in timber framing

Insights into the highly automated production line at Bien-Zenker

Fully automatic Drilling Line with Robot Handling

Robots resolve the part flow in one of Europe’s most innovative drilling lines at EGGER in Sankt Johann - precise, safe, and space saving.

Robot Sorting Cell

The robot sorting cell is interesting for everyone who produces furniture in batch size 1.

What makes silver fir such a special construction timber?

Geroldsauer Mühle - Weingärtner Holzbau

FRAMETEQ M-300 Combi Wall System

Efficient production of wall, roof and floor timber frame elements - just one machine operator is required.

WEINMANN Compact line

The compact line is the smallest and most flexible production unit for closed elements.

A Quantum Leap in Insulation

The combination of multifunction bridge and insulation plate enables the fully automated insulation of insulation material.

Automation Technology: That's what our customers say

Automation Technology: That's what our customers say