How to Save Money – Buy Cheap

You love designer bags and shoes and clothes, etc. Yet you wonder on how to save money. Unfortunately, designer items are very expensive and if your goal is to save money then you are looking at the wrong way. So how can we remedy this situation?

Imitation items are rampant in the market. Fake Louis Vuitton bags and wallets, imitation Birkins, and the like flood the night markets. Is it okay to use imitation items of designer brands? Are we really saving money by buying a bag that looks exactly like the original one, only it costs not even one-sixteenth of the original price. So what do you say? Price over quality? Designer items are expensive because of its excellent quality. Designer items are like investments, you buy them now for a great price but you get to use them for a long time. However, imitation products are very cheap but are easily damaged. By buying imitation items, did we really save money? Or did we just waste it? You decide.

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