Tips on How to Save Money – Iron Clothes by Batch

Some best advice on how to save money are given by the elderly. We often hear our grandmother telling us not to iron clothes one at a time. Why? Because it costs more energy and electricity to have the iron heat up. Old and wise people always say that we should iron clothes at the same time or by batch.

It saves electricity because you use the heat all at once. However, in the busy world, where busy people live, there is just no time to do all the ironing at once. We usually just iron the clothes we need at the moment when we need it. This is probably one cause of our high electricity bill. It is even better if we buy clothes that have fabric that needs no more ironing. Nowadays, the textile has also developed and some clothes don’t need ironing at all. But if ever it does need ironing but you want to save money, just hang the clothes out the night before or put it over the hot tub so the creases will smooth out.

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