Tips on How to Save Money – Haggle

Another method on how to save money is to haggle. Haggling is an art and a skill. Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts. First, ask for half the price of the item. If the seller does not give in, add a little amount to half the price, keep on doing this until you get a discounted price. If the seller does not consider any of your efforts to make negotiations, walk away or go to the next store.

If the seller wants to make a sale, he will call you back, but if not, go to the other store still and compare prices. But if the item is rare and you really want it but the seller won’t give you a discount, ask if you can get another item with the item you want for free. The seller will have to agree because he refused your first offer. There is a chance though that he might not give in to this request too. This time, really walk away. Remember that your goal is to save money not to spend it.

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