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2024最新官方开奖网 | 极速体彩赛车168官方历史记录 - 1分钟开奖结果计划, 168现场极速赛车官网开奖记录结果 Everything from a single source

HOMAG App Plus Package

Special Offer: The App-Plus Package, free with every new HOMAG machine

An app for lightning-fast service, transparent machine status updates and a complete tool overview are always at hand – on your tablet, smartphone or PC

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Discover 1分钟极速赛车官网查询 168极速体彩赛车历史记录走势计划 - 168赛车官方体彩开奖结果记录计划下载 Solutions

Discover the diversity of HOMAG solutions by exploring our theme worlds - clearly organization and compact!

HOMAG: Global market leader for wood processing machines

With more than


global market share

and more than



in production, development, sales, service, and support.

We are the



in developing wood processing solutions and providing customer care.

We design and build machines at



and provide sales and service support

in more than



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12/13/2023   ·   Newsflash

HOMAG Newsflash - That was 2023!

LIGNA, WEINMANN Treff, new machines and software, and much more!

The edgeband assistant gives you an overview of the available edge material and all associated information at all times.

12/07/2023   ·   Digitalization

No room for rough edges

The edgeband assistant ensures clear edge(s)

12/04/2023   ·   Software & Data

正版开奖体彩网址 - 168开奖网极速开奖历史结果 New features in the HOMAG CNC software (Basis: NCCenter 1.22)

Operating and simulating your CNC machine

Hendrik Albers, Senior Manager Digital Product Innovation, accepted the award at the ceremony. Photo: Allianz Industrie 4.0/Stefan Schreier, Shout Media

11/23/2023   ·   Award

Allianz Industry 4.0 Award: Award for digital solutions from HOMAG

For the overall solution "Apps and digital assistants for carpenters and joiners", the HOMAG Group was honored at the Allianz Industry 4.0 Award 2023 in the category "Pioneer in Industry and Research".